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The adidas AlphaBOUNCE Will Mark The Debut Of The Breakthrough FORGEFIBER Stitching Technology

Sneakerheads have always loved how adidas sneakers fit, but with the latest FORGEFIBER technology they have introduced, their footwear will fit even better. For the innovative FORGEFIBER stitching technology, the German sportswear giant drew inspiration from body movement and explored the growth of organic cell structures. Apparently, the FORGEFIBER technology involves the use of TPU-coated yarn, which is stretched across certain areas of a sneaker and are then heat-compressed there. Unlike the traditional construction of adidas sneakers, FORGEFIBER will make them 30% more resistant. It seems that the AlphaBOUNCE running model has been chosen to serve as the base for the debut of the innovative FORGEFIBER technology.

adidas AlphaBounce ForgeFiber-2The angles and density of the FORGEFIBER stitching varies throughout, so a sneaker featuring will behave different depending on the kind of sport during which it is worn. With this technology, less thread will be used during the construction of a sneaker, but it will fit more precisely and offer the wearer more support. All athletes are unique and movement is a part of all sports, and the FORGEFIBER technology was devised to support all those varying movements in different sports. For instance, for a running shoe like the AlphaBOUNCE, the FORGEFIBER technology makes it extremely durable and flexible, while also enhancing its lockdown and stability.

After having seen these official photos of this new and improved AlphaBOUNCE iteration, sneakerheads will agree that the model looks like it never has before. Thus, the AlphaBOUNCE will be the first adidas silhouette to feature the FORGEFIBER technology over its uppers, which will adapt as the wearer’s feet keep on moving, especially during push-off and touchdown. As far as its color scheme is concerned, this colorway appears to be monochrome and is being referred to as “Core Black.” Adding the finishing touch, it is also equipped with its signature, comfortable and flexible Bounce soles.

adidas AlphaBounce ForgeFiber-3Many of the sneakerheads reading perhaps already have a few AlphaBOUNCE pairs in their wardrobe, but none of them will come close to this upcoming variation. This adidas AlphaBOUNCE “Core Black,” featuring the debuting FORGEFIBER technology, is apparently scheduled to arrive at retailers on June 6th, 2017 and will be available for $140.

adidas AlphaBounce ForgeFiber-4adidas AlphaBounce ForgeFiber
Core Black/Sharp Grey-Carbon
Release Date: June 6th, 2017
AQ0984 | $140

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