An OG Colorway Of Allen Iverson’s Signature Reebok Question Is Returning In 2016

For old school sneakerheads who have been collecting sneakers for ages, it will probably not be easy to believe that the Reebok Question is making its comeback in 2016 for its 20th Anniversary. Many of these collectors likely remember when the Reebok Question first made its retail debut and how all the cool kids from back in the days were rocking a pair. They are probably also aware that it was the signature sneaker model of Allen Iverson of the Philadelphia 76ers. It seems that the Reebok sneakers 2016 of the Question will mark the return of the sneaker’s OG colorway, which sported a classic red and white color scheme.

Reebok-Question-OG-Red-Toe-Retro-1Back when Allen Iverson had signed a contract with Reebok, the Reebok Question had already been crafted and was ready to hit the shelves. Considering how successful Allen Iverson was throughout his NBA career, this was one of the reasons his fans and other sneakerheads grew so fond of his signature sneaker. Just about every sneaker from Allen Iverson’s Reebok signature line was a bestseller, but the Question is the only one known for making record breaking sales. The classic Question is one of Reebook most prominent designs.

Moreover, the OG white and red colorway of the Reebok Question is highly coveted, one that plenty of sneakerheads have been dying to get their hands on. The leather upper of this mid top sneaker is dressed up almost entirely in crisp white, with contrasting red accents that can be spotted over the eyelets, heel, honeycomb midsole, Reebook logos and the toebox. Although there is currently no news about when the Reebok release 2016 of this OG Question will actually take place, but sneakerheads can rest at ease knowing that the sneaker will indeed arrive at retailers next year. Most collectors will likely be looking forward to grabbing a part next year.

Reebok-Question-OG-Red-Toe-Retro-2Reebok Question Mid “OG Red Toe
Release Date: *2016
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