This Jordan 12 Will Also Arrive In Celebration Of The Chinese New Year

Chinese astrology is based on the conventional astronomy and calendars. It is believed that Chinese astrology was developed between 2nd century BC and 2nd century AD during the Han Dynasty, a period during which astronomy also came to flourish. Chinese astrology is closely related to Chinese philosophy. According to Chinese astrology, the position of the major planets at a person’s birth along with the positions of the comets, the Moon and Sun and their time of birth and zodiac Sign determine their destiny. By now, sneakerheads likely know that the Air Jordan 123M Reflective” is a Chinese New Year-themed release, but there is apparently a GS-sized variation too.

air-jordan-12-cny-2Twelve different types of personalities are represented by the zodiac of twelve animal signs. Each of the 12 animal signs in the Chinese zodiac is governed by an element and a Yin Yang direction.The animal sign that people are assigned according to the Chinese zodiac is supposed to be a representation of how they are perceived by others or how they present themselves. Thus, it is quite apparent that Chinese astrology and zodiac are quite different conventional astronomy and calendars even though they are based on them. The Chinese zodiac sign of the “Rooster” is governed by the 4th Trine of Yin and the element Water. Water, which is associated with the color black, the planet Mercury, the Black Tortoise, and winter.

There are two separate cycles in the 60-year cycle that interact with each other. The first is the cycle of the Five elements, which were mentioned above, in their Yin and Yang forms. The second is the cycle of the Earthly Branches or the twelve zodiac animal signs. The 60-year cycle is created as a result of this combination.

air-jordan-12-cny-3The photo accompanying this post was shared on Instagram by and the Air Jordan 12 seen in it is the GS-sized Chinese New Year-themed release. Somewhat similar to the Air Jordan 12 “3M Reflective,” but it is dressed up in a color scheme of Black, Gold and White with textured leather overlays and woodgrain eyelets. Next year is the Year of the Rooster and this Air Jordan 12 could be among January’s Jordan releases 2017.

air-jordan-12-cny-4Air Jordan 12 CNY
White/Black-Varsity Red
Release Date: January 2017
881427-122 | $220

air-jordan-12-cny-5 air-jordan-12-cny-6

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