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This Jordan Super.Fly 5 “Just 5” Is Being Auctioned For Children’s Health

The hashtag #MakeMarchMatter has been trending throughout social media websites, especially Twitter. That is what the Los Angeles Clippers, especially Blake Griffin, were hoping to accomplish when they faced off against the Washington Wizards, this past Wednesday on March 29th. The Los Angeles Clippers were victorious with a score of 133-124, but there was more about the game that stood out. During the game, Blake was laced up in quite an eye-catching and never-before-seen pair of the Jordan Super.Fly 5. The special-looking, vibrant Jordan Super.Fly 5 iteration is an exclusive, one-of-one pair that was designed by Justice Griffith, ann 11-year-old boy suffering from Leukemia.

Jordan Super.Fly 5 “Just 5”-2While laced up in the exclusive sneaker, Blake almost got a triple-double. By the time the game ended, he had scored a total of 26 points, along with 9 assists and 10 rebounds. During a post-game interview, Blake described his special kicks as “awesome.” He claimed that Justice’s vision for the sneaker blew him away and that they both had precisely the same ideas in mind to design it. The 11-year-old boy is currently at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA), receiving treatment for leukemia. Blake enjoyed watching Justice’s “creativity come to life” and the sneaker apparently received a tremendous amount of compliments.

Even though Childhood Cancer Awareness month is September, there needs to be no specific time to help children suffering from cancer. The Jordan Super.Fly 5 was chosen because not only does it is Blake’s favorite number, it also represents power in terms of numerology. Blake was quite excited and considers himself lucky to have been a part of CHLA’s fundraising effort with the goal of raising $1 million to improve health efforts for young cancer patients in the Los Angeles area. The sneaker that Justice Griffith designed went up for auction. The futuristic silhouette was dressed up in Black, Red and White, and the iteration was dubbed “Just 5.”

Jordan Super.Fly 5 “Just 5”-3Blake Griffin enjoyed getting to know Justice Griffith and working with him to design the exclusive sneaker that he rocked during the game between the Clippers and the Wizards. The auction for the Jordan Super.Fly 5 “Just 5” designed by Blake and Justice, and the current bid is $620.

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