Nike Lunar Trout 2 Is Mike Trout’s Second Signature & First-Ever Turf Shoe

One of the reasons Mike Trout is currently one of the best MLB athletes is because of his ability to effectively balance power and speed. The fact that he is agile and strong has allowed him to excel in both defense and offence. Perhaps that is what made Nike Basketball continue Mike Trout’s signature cleat series with a second installment, Nike Lunar Trout 2 Turf.

nike-mike-trout-lunar-vapor-2-sneakers-09Although this is Mike Trout’s second cleat, it is for the very first time that he has received a turf shoe. The Lunar Trout 2 was unveiled by Nike at a press event that took place on September 11th. Mike Trout, who is the center fielder of the Los Angeles Angels, has become known for his “other worldly athletic abilities,” and it is these abilities that Nike has drawn inspiration from for the new Lunar Trout 2.

The Nike Lunar Trout 2 Turf is equipped with Engineered Mesh, Flywire, Lunarlon and a seamless tongue. While the Nike Lunar Trout 1 was designed to be nothing more than cleats, the Lunar Trout 2 is coming in the form of a turf shoe. Another notable feature of the upcoming Lunar Trout 2 Turf is that it features the most noteworthy states of the reigning MVP of the MLB. These stats include Mike Trout ability to reach a speed of 20 miles per hour between first and third base, his ability to catch a fly ball by jumping 60 inches in the air and his ability to slug a homerun up to 489 feet.

nike-mike-trout-lunar-vapor-2-sneakers-07Although the very first colorway of this brand new model is being referred to as the “Blueprint” because of its black, blue and white color scheme, it is not the only one that will be arriving at retailers. Nonetheless, the Nike release 2015 of the Nike Lunar Trout 2 Turf “Blueprint” has been confirmed by Nike Sportswear. In fact, October 3rd has been announced as its date of release and it will be exclusively up for grabs on

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