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One Of Kobe Bryant’s Retirement Complete Air Jordan Set Is Up On Auction

For years, many had speculated that Kobe Bryant was mimicking Michael Jordan through his professional basketball career. Any avid basketball enthusiast who has been following the sport ever since the 80s must have realized that Kobe’s mannerisms have been the same as those of Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant himself recently admitted that he “Damn near 100 percent” copied Michael Jordan’s stop-pivot-turn-fade technique. Of course, his act of mimicking the “G.O.A.T.” does not really take away from his own greatness. Hence, Jordan Brand gave Kobe Bryant a reason to celebrate his retirement by gifting him two different complete Air Jordan Sets, one of which is on auction.

Air Jordan Kobe Bryant Collection-2The two complete sets of Air Jordan sneakers were actually a direct and personal gift from Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryant. It makes sense that Kobe was honored by His Airness, considering that over the course of the 20 years that he played professional basketball, comparisons to Michael Jordan were made quite frequently. The two sets included a pair of every model from the Air Jordan 1 to the Air Jordan 30. One of the two sets consists of all-Black colorways, while it is the other one that is being auctioned. This other set comprises of all-White colorways of the Air Jordan 1 to 30.

The auction for the entire set mentioned above is being hosted by Heritage Auctions. According to them, these remarkably exclusive sneakers come from a private collector in California and a certain amount from the proceeds generated from the auction will be donated to Make-A-Wish foundation. Along the thirty Air Jordan pairs, art objects and other sneakers like the Nike Mag 2016 will also be up for bidding. It is being estimated that the price for the thirty Air Jordan pairs that Kobe Bryant received as a retirement gift will be $200,000 or higher, depend on the bids. Those interested still have time since auction will last between May 19th and June 11th, 2017.

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